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s. saffira
27 July 2012 @ 03:53 pm
Being in summer, I sometimes wonder what I'm doing, what I've been doing, and what I've done in my life. Yes, I sound like someone who had lived half a century of her life, but no, I'm still 19 and this is exactly what I have in mind.

Nah, never mind. It's summer. With (almost) nothing to do, my mind tends to wander freely, too far that it reaches the point where it questions philosophically.
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s. saffira
12 July 2012 @ 12:17 am

It's been a while :) So, let me make a numbered list of how life had been:
  1. First year at IED Madrid has ended and I'm looking forward to how the second year will go. My grades were average, mostly 7s, some 8s, one 9, some 5s, too. I'm proud that I didn't fail even one subject, but the 5s keep on haunting me so I'll do my best in my second year to avoid the 5s. If you're interested, you can view my works at my online portfolio, which is (finally) now good and online, though it still needs refurbishing. I present you: Letters to the Distant!
  2. July 9th was my mother's birthday and I bought her a tea set. It was classic and very English, it had red roses painted on it. Best of all, she liked it so much!
  3. I met a new friend and her name is Bia. She's an exchange student from Indonesia, and she's studying medicine. Our personalities are almost quite the opposite, as we talked about it yesterday when we had dinner together, but we get along very well. It's really fun having her around, because she knows so many stuff that she's like a walking book, hahaha! We're planning on traveling to some cities across Spain before she returns to Indonesia. We already went to Toledo, and tomorrow we're going to Segovia! :)
  4. I made it to chapter 15 on my novel. I decided to become less ignorant by reading more writing articles and tips to improve myself.
A few days from now, I will post more about my summer travels and share some of my thoughts, too. This blog ought to be alive all year, especially in holidays.

s. saffira
19 May 2012 @ 05:06 pm
As some of you might have known, I participated in a short-story writing competition organized by Jia Effendie, for she was to compile 12 short stories into a book which will be called "Singgah" (to stop by, to transit). As you can see from the title, the theme of the competition was to write a short story about stopping by. The setting must be in either of these places: bus station, train station, airport, or harbor/port.
My short story wasn't chosen :')
Well, since the start of the competition, I was already pessimistic, although I quite like the story I wrote. I also checked out the blogs of the winners, and my goodness they write beautifully!
And that kind of made me think of my writing style.
You see, most writers write in an exaggerated way to explain a certain place/character/situation/other things that need to be explained. Take, for example, "The night wind blew so soft as if it were caressing my skin, taking away my thoughts, my soul, and my memories" --> that is only to describe the night wind. Or, another example, "The piggy bank shone so bright under the rays of the sun, glistening as if diamonds were pasted onto it. It looked so beautiful, as if it was worth the treasure of [put a very famous pirate's name here], valuable and precious!" --> that is to describe a piggy bank.
Then again, those exaggerated ways of writing are beautiful, although it might be kind of stressing when put in battle or thrilling scenes. Professional/experienced writers write that way, in such language so beautiful that I..... am awed.
I write in a direct kind of way. When I exaggerate things, I can't do it to fill an A4 page. Which is why, when I write a chapter of my novel, it never exceeds 6 pages of A4 because I can't exaggerate my description both in Indonesian and in English. Some friends say that that is my style.
Well, I have to admit though that I speak neither excellent Indonesian nor excellent English, which becomes my weak point when writing. I write in Indonesian when I feel like it, but for the next chapter, I might write in English due to inspirational reasons or such
The point is that, I will keep on writing, as before! Effendie's competition opened my eyes to some of the best writers I've never known, so I might draw inspiration from those writers. As for changing my direct-style of writing, hmmm... I don't know, honestly. I am still incapable of it.
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s. saffira
13 May 2012 @ 06:50 pm
Summer is coming to Madrid. The temperature, recently, decided to stay between 25-35 degrees (celcius). Having been in Madrid in summer, I know the temperature will continue to rise until autumn comes. The maximum we'll get might be around 40 degrees, or more.

A few days ago, I watched The Pianist for the first time, and it made me shed tears. It was a beautiful film, as seen from its visuals, plot, and music (yes, of course the music must be beautiful, it's about Spilzman, the Polish composer!). The movie made a very great impact on me upon the scenes where Spilzman met captain Hosenfeld. It was just heartwarming to see the captain made Spilzman play instead of killing him upon knowing him as a Jew. And yes, for the next scenes where Hosenfeld helped Spilzman, it haunted my mind. I really should read the book!

Hosenfeld's kindness made me think that kindness can be found in humans, even in those who you consider to be you worst enemy. However, we should not just depend upon human kindness, as not everyone has that kindness you expect. When you need it the most, kindness will find you.
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s. saffira
06 May 2012 @ 02:29 am
I have this bad habit of stalking people through their online accounts when I have nothing to do on the internet (and when I've browsed hundreds of 9Gag posts). I confess that, I admit that.

Sometimes, when I find out their blog, I'd go straight to their blog, reading their posts. Some of these people I've stalked have interesting styles of writing that, when I remember (and only when I remember) I'd return to their blog. The same thing goes to Twitter (if their twitter accounts are public). I get an up-to-date glimpse of what they do in their life.

Some people don't set their photo albums and photos they're tagged in to private (Facebook account). These people I stalk are people who didn't move around (nationally or internationally), so it's safe to say that, somehow, these people are the ones that stay in the same house as their childhood house, go to school with people they've known for long, spend their high school in one high school, and the list goes on.

It kind of made me realize that when you decide to stay in a place, you will get chances to let yourself shine. These people shone, and sometimes I get jealous that they had the chance to shine with their friends. Then, I remind myself that they shine because I think they shine, and they have photos when they shine.

People who are active in organizations, or taking part in events, you name it. They shine because they stay, which makes them get the chances.

Quite funny, eh? I try to shine in my place, taking part in small events, trying as hard as possible to be the man behind the curtain, merely because I hate being in the spotlight. And I get jealous of this shining people, which is unreasonable. I'm laughing at myself now hahaha!

People envy me being able to move around the globe, able to experience living in different countries and communities (and cultures!), able to speak a few languages (although I only know the basic forms of some languages and understand simple written conversations), and yet I envy them for staying and being in the spotlight (which I always avoid).

I need to grow up, I guess. Or have I?
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